Population Statistics Section of the Social Statistics Department
Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia

Population Statistics Section of the Social statistics Department is one of structure units for Central Statistical Bureau. The main directions of this unit are:
  - population numbers and structure
  - vital statistics data
  - migration of population
  - population censuses

Population Statistics section collects, compiles, processes and analyses information, performs calculations, prepares publications on demographic statistics. Its responsibility is also to prepare, organise and conduct the regular population censuses.

The following main indices are summarized and worked out: the number of born and deceased, the number of registered and divorced marriages, age structure, ethnic composition and citizenship of population, average life expectancy, long-term and short-term migration indices. etc.

Demographic statistics data in principle correspond to UN as well as to definitions and recommendations of European international organizations and are internationally comparable.

Since 1967 Demographic Yearbook of Latvia has been published annually. And with such a title - since 1994. Starting from the 2004, the title of this publication was changed to statistical data collection “Demography”. A significant part of demographic indices are published in several other statistical issues, including "Statistical Yearbook of Latvia". In 1996 and 1997 together with Statistical Departments of Lithuania and Estonia a publication "Demographic statistics in the Baltic countries" in English was prepared. Division takes part in preparation of statistical issue "Health Statistics in the Nordic Countries". This is a regular issue of NOMESCO (Nordic Medico Statistical Committee).

One of main directions of activity is a realization of population censuses. The last Population Census was carried out in 2000. In 1997 the first Pilot Census was carried out in 4 state administrative-territorial units. Data acquisition and processing, equipment and software for the 2000 Population Census was on the advanced level. Data according to the 2000 Census Programme partly were obtained from the administrative registers. Summary results of the 2000 Census are available in the printed format, on the CD-ROM, also in the free of charge databases of the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, “Eurostat”’s database and in the UN Statistical Division’s database. Census data have been collected and results have been published in full conformity with the Recommendations of the UN Economic Commission for Europe and Statistical Office of the European Communities “Eurostat”.

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