Latvian Statistical Institute

The Latvian Statistical Institute (LSI) as an independent state research organization was established in 1991. In 1998 the institute employed 20 researchers, including three Dr.hab.econ. and five Dr.econ.

The main investigations of the LSI are consolidated into complex project "The development of statistical information according to international standards". The aim of the project is to improve the Latvian state statistics system in order to ensure with the minimal volume of the internationally comparative data which are necessary for the Eurostat, UN and other international organizations as well as to give a more detailed reflection of peculiarities in Latvia considering the geographical situation, ethnical problems, the economic and social crises of the country. There is more accent on statistical reflecting of the Latvian peculiarities, estimation of the representativeness of data, statistical and econometrical analysis of data.

The scientists of the LSI together with the Central Statistical Bureau are preparing proposals for improvement the programs of the world-wide census and agriculture counting in 2000, development of the territorial statistics, determination of regions deserving of special assistance, development methods of econometrics in research on quality of life and demographic processes using household budget survey.

Recent publications:

Mezgailis B. The role of ethnoss in demographic changes of Latvia in the 1990s // LSI.- Riga, 1997. - 45pp. (in Latvian).
Mezgailis B. About changes in sex and age structure of our population // Latvijas Vestnesis, 22.10.1997 (in Latvian).

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